The Faceless Brand.

Bogan Apparel wanted (needed?) to do something a little different.

After much research into marketing, we found a lot of advertisers use a particular type/style of model to try and interpret inclusivity of all identities, genders, backgrounds, beliefs and more.

We felt that this can be, and is a trigger point for many consumers feeling if they don’t look or act a certain way, then they cannot wear the item. Even if they really love the look, meaning they were still being excluded and marginalized.

After talking with many people we found it to be a very sad but true issue.

Based on this, we decided that our brand will only ever show models wearing a koala mask. It doesn’t matter who or what is beneath the mask, if you like the item and you feel comfortable in it you should wear it.

We want to be inclusive of all.

Humans are beautiful people and each person’s individualities should be celebrated. This is also the reason we do not have gender specific clothing.

We are supporting The Australian Koala Foundation with every sale and our logo represents this. In time we hope for the koala mask to be iconic to our brand, and you will be able to follow us around the country, eventually the world, seeing and also taking part in new photo shoots and sharing our new products.

Bogan Apparel hope to make you feel personally more inclusive, so please do reach out to us with any ideas.

We are a brand for the people and want to do everything possible to make the world a less judgmental place.

#TheFacelessBrand #KoalaMovement

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