The birth of Bogan apparel

Bogan Apparel isn’t just a company, it’s a journey of two brothers and their love for this incredible country - Australia.

Back in 2015 Troy the founder of Bogan Apparel, visited on a working holiday visa to come and explore and travel Australia. Troy instantly felt at home and knew this is where he wanted to build a life for himself. Living across many states and working as a chef in a multitude of settings, he built relationships with lots of diverse people with many different cultural backgrounds and beliefs. He found a love for nature within this time which helped inspire what we now know as Bogan Apparel.

Fast forward to 2022, Co-founder Scott, an Emergency Nurse by background, is now also embracing the Aussie life, after just over 18 months of being here he has had great opportunities to work in many rural and regional areas, allowing him to get a really good understanding for what Australians love and the fashions they aspire too.

Scott and Troy both felt it was time to start something to show the love and gratitude for the place they both now call home. They have always spoke about starting a business together but wanted to wait until it was something they both believed in and were truly passionate about. Fashion was always Troy’s strong point so he took the role of design, where as Scott thinks more methodically so begun the Marketing side of things, and everything in between.

The love for the country and the animals is endless, but Koalas are the animal which is true to their hearts. Bogan Apparel is now supporting The Australian Koala Foundation by donating 5% of all profits to the charity. So when you, our customer, buys a T-shirt, not only will you love the product and look amazing but you will also be able to stand proud in the fact that you also helped towards the Koalas.

Here at Bogan Apparel we live by the “4 R rule”

.Relatable - We believe our customers will be able to relate to us and our products. Everyone has dreams and ambition and we are always happy to listen to any advise or requests from our customers.

.Recognisable - Our brand and logo design stands out in all the right ways, keeping you looking cool but classy.

.Resourceful - Bogan Apparel are constantly looking to make their production and shipping of products as environmentally friendly as possible and strive towards improving this in the future. We will be putting a road map in the coming months how we look to improve this and are always open to suggestions.

.Respectful - We respect other brands and companies and look to support them where possible. We respect our customers and the support they show us, we try and show this respect in pricing our products as cost effective as possible and by offering low postage. We treat everyone how we would like to be treated if we was the consumer.

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